How to Stay Productive During An Office Moving

Moving office is a challenging task for your business, as it leads to several logistical obstacles in the way. You could be moving due to any of these reasons: lower rent, lesser staff, proximity to a prominent location or to celebrate an occasion. Managers face a huge problem as to how to keep up the workforce’s morale and productivity amidst the chaos.

However, we are here to help you with solutions to these common problems, as you move files, paperwork, and belongings from one workspace to the other, making it a fruitful experience for your team as well. First things first, book office movers in Dubai.

To stay productive while on the move, 8 tips have been listed down as follows:

  • Create a budget and plan in advance

Ideally, you should start planning six months before the move. When you have a location ready, have a layout with what will go where. Have a floor layout ready and encourage employees to choose their spot. Finances can go for a toss while relocating, so make sure that you are not being carried away in your choice of location, amenities, and space. An inventory can help you decide what needs to be taken with you, and what can stay back.

  • Communicate your decision to the team

Your team needs to know that they would be relocating, at least six months before the actual move. It needs to be a planned-out procedure, as nothing is worse than uncertainty and confusion, which would automatically break their productivity levels. Believe in open communication, keep everyone informed about the relocation and ensure that they know that there is a purpose behind the relocation.

Service providers must be updated with the address in advance, as you do not want essential supplies (i.e. internet and electricity) to deliver to the old address because you forgot to update them.

  • Keep the team motivated

An excited team is a great way to move forward while relocating between areas and keep them smoothly functioning. Excitement can fade away as employees realize that there are extra work and confusion added to their daily scheduled tasks, and you must ensure that they do not feel overwhelmed. Focus on the advantages: more space, better aesthetics, location, and better amenities, despite a few hiccups in the beginning.

  • IT comes first

A modern office runs on electronics and computers, and you need a company that properly sets up the equipment, phone, and internet connections without damaging the systems. Give them the space and time for upgrades, if any, so that everything works smoothly after the move.

Move the office in stages to avoid overwhelming the workers and missing out on days of work. Plan in terms of half in half or most critical to the least critical of movements. Order new furniture and equipment to the second office in advance, and mind the dimensions so that they fit well.

  • Have expert help

Appoint a project manager who would facilitate the relocation process with their organizational, communication, budgetary, and multi-tasking skills. Choose either an in-house team lead or hire external help, which could free up the workforce to work on their daily responsibilities.

  • Label the boxes

Encourage the staff to pack up their belongings, supplies and label the boxes with their names. This would help the truck delivery companies store the boxes as per the layout plan with efficiency and organization. While moving office supplies, label the boxes so that you can find them at the right time and note the same on a spreadsheet for easy access.

  • Deep-clean the space and protect the data

Relocation could be your excuse to finally throw out all the junk, and keep what you need. Dispose of or donate unnecessary paper, furniture, and equipment. However, ensure that important data, hardware, and files remain protected in hard drives and servers. You will also need to encourage the team to work from home as long as needed.

  • Update the address

Inform customers, suppliers, and employees of the date and address of relocation. Update the same on the website, social media channels, business cards, and letterheads.

Even though relocation is a hectic and time-consuming job, it does not have to be a stressful one. Moving companies are equipped with expert knowledge and resources to facilitate the process by loading and unloading supplies. An insured, established and the certified company will always provide the best services.

If you are looking for commercial office movers, please contact Trukker.

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