How to Stop COVID-19 From Spreading in Vehicles For Truck Drivers?

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly worldwide especially in vehicles of office movers in Dubai. A driver can contract the virus by contacting contaminated surfaces such as seats and steering wheels while at petrol pumps, truck stops, warehouses, airports, and cafes. The virus can also be transmitted through bodily fluids and droplets via sneezing or coughing while driving.

A few safety measures to prevent this deadly virus are as follows:

1.  PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

It refers to the range of devices that an individual can use to prevent contact with infectious materials. This type of protection shields them from bodily fluids and various air-borne pathogens. 

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has strictly instructed packers and movers services to use disposable gloves, coveralls, facial masks, and goggles. As with any medical device or equipment, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on use and care for it to be effective. 

2. Sanitation at petrol pumps

We should all promote sanitation especially hand hygiene for long-haul truck drivers. For example, it is recommended that drivers use a paper towel to cover their hands while refueling and washing their hands with soap and water when done. We should also suggest truck transport companies in UAE provide disposable gloves.

3. Payment (Cash or Credit)

Most long-haul truckers prefer to pay cash (physical money), which might contain harmful germs to its exchange through various human hands. However, if you are paying with a credit card, you can swipe the card on the machine instead. This way, your hands do not directly contact the money and thus, reduce your exposure to COVID-19.

4. Truck Stops/Rest areas

Truck drivers can rid themselves of all the dirt and rejuvenate themselves at truck stops/rest areas. Many truckers do not have private toilet facilities. They need to sanitize themselves regularly especially the ones who are traveling for more than a week at a stretch. If you are a long-haul truck driver, the risk of getting infected is always omnipresent. Pay attention to hygiene every time you interact with someone near you.

5. Sleeping

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has already mentioned the spreading of the virus through the air in contaminated hotel rooms. They recommend you not to sleep in an air-conditioned room with circulating air coming from an air conditioner. You can reduce your risk by sleeping on the upper floor or outside.

6. Public Showers

Packers and movers services need to make sure that they do not share a public shower with other people. You can minimize the risk of the virus by using wet wipes or hand sanitizer after you use the toilet facilities or a public shower.

It is essential to know that you cannot get infected just by sniffing, touching, or looking at an infected individual. However, you can get infected if someone nearby sneezes or coughs directly onto your face or hands. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. If you are sick with symptoms of shortness of breath and fever, do not touch others until it is clear whether you have contracted the virus or not.

7. Masks and gloves

Truck transport companies in UAE provide drivers with gloves and face masks to protect themselves when handling any liquid or solid waste. In addition to this, they should make sure that they clean them immediately after by using soap and water. 

8. A healthy work environment

A healthy work environment is considered an area that provides the right conditions for the employees to perform their work tasks and maintain good health. Therefore, companies should have a series of health promotion activities such as office movers in Dubai workers counseling and worker health communication. Doing this can reduce the risk of disease transmission, identify primary causes of disease, and prevent them from happening in the workplace. This will also contribute to a healthy work environment.

9. Signs and symptoms 

High fever, severe chills, breathlessness, and coughing, are primary symptoms of COVID. If any truck drivers experience these symptoms, immediately contact your healthcare provider for professional advice about your medical condition or seek urgent medical attention.

Truck drivers should follow strict health care guidelines, such as washing hands every 3 hours, avoiding contact with sick people, and wearing protective equipment. If you are looking for professional transport services that adhere to all safety and sanitation protocols of COVID-19, visit us at TruKKer.

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