Moving on a Budget: 10 Tips to Move Affordably

Moving on a budget adds anxiety and tension to the occurrence. Moving house with little money often becomes an energy-depleting struggle that further stretches your budget beyond the breaking point. It is an expensive process, but people have used their inborn resourcefulness and ingenuity to find affordable transport companies in Dubai for reducing moving costs and enjoying their relocation. You must use intelligent relocation and moving strategies to control your budget, even if you are moving cross-country. Here is how you begin:

  • Look for an affordable moving company

If you are moving home with a limited budget, choose a low-budget transportation company. Though self-moving seems to be more economical, it is suitable for shorter distances, guaranteed assistance from neighbors and friends, no valuable or fragile items, and previous relocation experience. Speak to three or four moving companies and compare the quotes according to their additional services and pricing. You will have to consider renting a moving truck, buying moving equipment, purchasing packaging materials, arranging for fuel, and hiring extra help – apart from hidden expenses.

  • Donate or sell unwanted things

After choosing a low-cost moving company, take away your unwanted stuff to donation centers and children’s homes. Organize a yard sale for more extensive and heavier pieces such as furniture, but online selling (through local newspapers, posters, and social media) is also a great option. Set aside the undamaged ones with a good market value, and put them for cleaning and minor repairs. Choose a fair price tag, as underpricing or overpricing them won’t bring profits.

  • Get DIY boxes

If you do not want to spend on moving boxes, find huge cardboard boxes for free as it saves money. Though they are inexpensive if you simply buy them from a local home improvement store, the costs would increase if you pack the entire house. Also, ask your neighbors, friends, and local businesses about cardboard boxes lying around, as they would be looking for an opportunity to recycle them.

  • Plan the dates

When looking for affordable packers and movers, schedule the exact day and time way in advance. Should your moving date be flexible, plan your move around the less busy times of the year. So, choose early spring, late autumn, and winter for cross-country moving. Also, people move less on the weekdays due to work and college restrictions, while they travel more on the first and last weeks of every month. Finally, avoid national holidays.

  • Minimize the severity and number of mistakes

There is nothing like a perfect house move, so you must plan accordingly to save on your relocation budget. Before hiring transport companies in the UAE, request in-home visual surveys to get exact cost estimates, beware from fraudulent companies, compare quotes from different agencies, do not sign blank or incomplete documents, store smaller valuable with you, avail of insurance options, supervise the heavy moving things, use the right moving equipment and follow proper lifting techniques.

  • Pack what you need

If you are moving with a limited budget, you want to save as much money as possible during relocation. However, not doing so will only bring you stress, so choose things that you genuinely need. In addition, the shipment’s total weight impacts the moving costs, reducing the amount to cover the transportation expenses effectively. Finally, by a thumb rule, anything you have not used in the past year should be discarded.

  • Pack by yourself

If you are hiring a full-service transportation agency, you are also paying for packing services. Most professional packing and moving companies are costly, so it is better that you depend on yourself. Unless you require customized services, pack your clothes, stationery, and collections on your own with the help of a few friends.

  • Do not buy excessive packaging supplies

Though you will get moving boxes from friends, neighbors, and local businesses, you will find suitcases, briefcases, garbage bags, travel bags, baskets, hampers, dressers, and plastic bins as packaging supplies. Use bed sheets, socks, blankets, and ordinary blankets for cushioning and wrapping purposes. Also, use newspapers to fill in empty spaces inside the moving boxes.

  • Ask your friends for help

If you have friends living nearby, ask them to come over to help you with packaging and lifting on moving day. Reach out to them in advance to clear up their schedule accordingly, and it would be great if they have a pickup truck as well. Stock up on music, beverages, snacks, and talk about the good old times.

  • Do not get scammed!

When moving on a low budget, be wary of unscrupulous moving companies that charge too much or simply run away with your shipment. Research them thoroughly, look for decent moving costs and in-home cost estimates. Therefore, choose the right moving company when you are on a budget. If you are looking for transport companies in Dubai, contact us at Trukker.

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