Strategies to Pack Your Books When Moving Your Home Library

If you have a personal library, we empathize with you. Packing books is a serious situation when it comes to moving house. You might own several of them for years and may not have the heart to donate them. You could have special memories attached to them, and you do not want to end up with damaged covers, page tears, and creases for your books. Hardcovers, classics, chick-lit, or even schoolbooks hold dear to us. The real challenge begins when you have too many books to pack and too little space.

Fortunately, books can be packed quite easily. However, you must mind certain conditions when packing your titles. Once these criteria are met, you will be saved from heartbreak during and after the move. So, here is how you do it correctly:

  • Have a spring clean done

You must dispose of unnecessary items before your move and not after you take the whole box with you. Get started with optimizing your book collection way before you start anything else, and you can travel lighter. Sort your books into piles: ones that you need, ones that you must donate, and ones that you cannot decide. If you are nostalgic about some books, put them into the ‘undecided’ category and think about them later. Sell your books if you do not have anything else to do with them; however, you will not get too much money out of them. You can either sell them to shops that buy used books or even the internet.

If you live with family, ask them to help you. For the books that you want to donate, set them separately and drop them off in one trip. Ensure that books are in top condition, damage-free and clean. Otherwise, recycle them.

  • Organise your books

Before packing your books, separate them into paperbacks and hardcovers. Next, organize them by size. Thus, you can easily fit these collections into each small box. When paperbacks are combined with hardcovers, the former collection could get damaged under the weight. If you are unable to do it yourself, hire moving services which would do this for you.

  • Choose the correct packing material

Book parcels are overpacked, heavy, and pose injury risks. Buy thick-grade cardboard boxes, or get some from the local bookstore that stores their shipping boxes. Small packages are better than big ones, as they can get quite heavy to lift. Sturdy packaging tape is also recommended to secure and seal the box; also, pad the box carefully to prevent books from shifting.

Use packing paper and bubble wrap as packing, with a couple of silica gel packets thrown in. For first editions, family photo albums, and delicate collectibles, place stiff cardboard layers between each book to retain their spines. Once done, use tape from the box’s base to halfway up the sides. Line the base with packing paper, which creates a layer between the books and external moisture.

If your new home is at a short distance, you can even use reusable grocery bags, brown paper bags, and storage baskets. Alternatively, pack your books in suitcases and pack your clothes in the boxes. When packing your books, leave a few emergency books aside until the time you get your books back. Keep them with your medication, contact information, and smartphone chargers. Keeping a couple of books with you is a good idea, especially if you are using international movers and packers in Dubai.

  • Pack different kinds of books differently

For rare collectibles, take them in your suitcase instead of mixing them with your library. For hardcover books, individually wrap them and place them inside the box, standing upright with the spines facing the box wall. Use thick cardboard sheets between them to buffer them against the movement, and always use smaller books to carry heavy and oversized books. For other hardcover books, stack them face up with the spines facing the box wall or the box base to avoid creases. Stack similarly-sized ordinary paperback in rows, but never in tight spaces or against an angle.

Once the books are packed, place a layer of packing paper over the books. Close the top, apply generous amounts of tape and label the boxes appropriately. If your books would be in storage for a longer time, use acid-free paper instead of packing paper to avoid discoloration.

Pack your books and other heavy packages on the floor of the moving truck or car. Never stack these boxes unless you can adequately secure them so that they cannot move around while in transportation. Though books are not considered traditionally heavy items, a boxful of books toppling over in the truck can damage delicate furniture or valuables. If you are looking for home movers and packers in Dubai, contact us at Trukker.

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